Our History

132 Years of Service

“Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it…” Psalm 127:1

1882 – A small group of Christian believers sat down and discussed a church.  This spontaneous discussion led to the organization of the Springfield Baptist Church.  The initial services were held in the home of Mrs. Edomonia Miller and subsequent services were held from one home to another. The Reverend Andrew H. Jackson became the first pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.  Under his leadership the first building, which was a log cabin, was erected.

September 10, 1884 – Isham Grief Houston, a former slave and a shoemaker by trade, deeded an acre of land to the Springfield Baptist Church congregation.  Due to some legal technicality, he could not give the land outright, so he accepted one dollar ($1.00) for it from the congregation.

1887 – Under the Reverend Andrew H. Jackson’s continued leadership, the first building was erected.  A few good carpenters that knew what to do with the lever, ruler, saw, hammer, and nails are attributed to the construction of the 28 feet by 28 feet building.  The size of the building was determined by the hand-hewn pine logs that were used as the underpinning of the church when it was first built.  Following the pastoral leadership of Reverend Andrew Jackson, who is buried in the church’s cemetery, the Reverend Joshual Moore was called to serve as Springfield’s second pastor.

1910 – The Reverend E. L. Randall was elected as Springfield’s third pastor.

As the church experienced growth by baptism, converts were baptized in Echo Lake and Valley Grove Pond.

1916 – The Reverend Thomas Bolling was called to serve as Springfield’s fourth pastor.

1927 – The Reverend William Henry Thomas was installed as the fifth pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.

Under his leadership the following persons were ordained as Deacons: Major T. Houston, Moses “Chinks” Burleigh, Willie Holmes, and Henry Taylor.

1942 – The church purchased an additional acre of land from Mrs. Olia Haynes.

1956 – The church building was elevated and a lower level was added.  The lower level included a fellowship hall and a baptismal pool.  Because the baptismal pool did not have running water, the Henrico County Fire Department would fill the pool for baptismal services.

1958 – The Reverend James Mann served as an Associate Minister of the Springfield Baptist Church.

1959 – The Reverend Miles J. Jones was installed as the sixth pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.  Sisters Bertha Houston, Meade Burleigh, Rosemary Houston, Alice Chiles, Cornelia Homes, Ruth Taylor, Doris Edmonds, and Florence Winston Jenifer were consecrated as Deaconesses.

Under his leadership the first Vacation Bible School was started.  In addition, he began Wednesday Night Bible Study. Reverend Jones was the first Pastor to baptize in the pool downstairs.  He hired classical organist, Helen Bell Jones, who took the choirs to new heights (singing anthems) where our choir was sought after for performances at other churches, black & white.

Pastor Jones started the Church Interest Group (this group focused on Bible Study fellowship, and culminated in an Annual Program on the fourth Sunday of November with all church members grouped by their birth month), which raised money with competition and sacrificial gifts.

1964 – The Reverend Reginald Green was installed as the seventh pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.  The Reverend Barry Hopkins served as Associate Minister. Some of his accomplishments included:

  • Organization of  the BYF= Baptist Youth Fellowship (Youth Group)
  • Establishment of the Grover O. Chiles Scholarship

1967 – The Reverend George Polk was installed as the eighth pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.

1968 – The Reverend Clifford B. Chambliss, Jr., was installed as the ninth pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.  Reverend Chambliss served as the pastor for 32 years.  Under his faithful leadership, the following accomplishments were achieved:

  • Church carpeted
  • Allen organ purchased
  • Sold the Church Road to Brookhollow, Inc.
  • The fourth Sunday in November became the church’s Birth Month/Fall Harvest Program where each member was to sacrificially give $100.
  • Brothers James H. Thomas, Cedric W. Houston, Lawrence R. Houston and Alvin L. Thomas were ordained as Deacons.
  • Deacon David Winston was affirmed as a Deacon of Springfield Baptist Church.
  • Sister Margery L. Houston was consecrated as Deaconess

1971 – Under the Reverend Clifford Chambliss’s leadership, the most successful Vacation Bible School to date was held in June.   Deaconess Florence Winston Jenifer was the Superintendant.

October 10, 1971 – Brother Waymond Miller of New Jersey, the grandson of Mrs. Edmonia Miller, presented the original picture of Springfield with its original members as a gift to the church.

1990 -  Reverend Kett Murray served as an Associate Minister

1994 – Reverend E. Richard Swan served as an Associate Minister.

2000 – Dr. E. D. McCreary was selected to serve as the interim pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.   Dr. McCreary was instrumental in developing and implementing the pastoral selection process.

March 30, 2003  – The Reverend Proctor N. Beard, Sr. was installed as the tenth pastor of the Springfield Baptist Church.

April 27, 2003 – Brother Donald Houston and Deaconess Margery Houston were ordained as Deacons.

Under the leadership of Dr. Proctor N. Beard, Sr., the following ministries have been organized:

  • Voices of Springfield
  • Judah Ensemble
  • Children’s Church Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Married Couple’s Ministry
  • Single Adult Ministry
  • Senior’s Ministry – Autumn Fellowship
  • Women’s Ministry – Women in Waiting
  • Men’s Ministry
  • Christian Education Ministry
  • Drama Ministry
  • Dance Ministry
  • Mime Ministry

March 7, 2004 – With the need for expansion for classrooms, indoor access to restrooms and other facilities for ministry and not enough acreage to do so, the church building and property were sold to Larry Willis.

October 17, 2004- The congregation held the final worship services at its original location, Springfield Church Lane.  This worship celebration included a Service of Thanksgiving on the steps of the church.

October 24, 2004 – The congregation held the first worship celebration in the auditorium of the J.R. Tucker High School, 2910 Parham Road, Richmond, Virginia.

October 2006 – Deacons Calvin Taylor Sr. and Calvin Taylor Jr., were confirmed as Deacons of the Springfield Baptist Church.

July, 2007 - the original church building was moved to the Field Day of the Past site in Goochland County, Virginia.

November 24, 2007  – 125th Church Anniversary Celebration was held at Abner Baptist Church, Glen Allen, Virginia: Vision 2007.

January, 2008 – The Springfield Baptist Church entered into contract with the American Baptist Extension Cooperation for the building of our new facility.

December, 2009 – Deacon Dorothy Baldwin was confirmed as a Deacon of the Springfield Baptist Church.

March, 2010 – The Healing Place West was established.

July, 2010 – Reverend Antoine Britt became the Youth Pastor.

August, 2010 - Purchased 18 acres of land in Goochland County .

August, 2010 – Rev. Freda Wilkins was licensed to the gospel ministry.

December, 2010 – The Springfield Baptist Church partnered with The Reynolds Foundation and the Farrior Foundation to sponsor Coats for Christmas.

December, 2011 - The Springfield Baptist Church again partnered with The Reynolds Foundation and the Farrior Foundation to sponsor Coats for Christmas.

August, 2012 – The Springfield Baptist Church sponsored a mission trip for Reverend Freda Wilkins, Minister of Missions and Evangelism to Bangalore, India.